Relief Journal Vol. 1

Issue 1: Class. Contributors: Florian Auer | Braco Dimitrijević | Hayley Dixon | Damian Griffiths | Hedwig Houben | Jonathan Miles | Fay Nicolson | Christodoulos Panayiotou | Hannah Sawtell

Issue 2: Drift. Contributors: Victor Burgin | Olivier Catel | Simon Faithfull | Owen Hatherely | Jack Lavender | Josephine Meckseper | Arjuna Neuman | Tamarin Norwood | Jane Rendell | George Vasey

Issue 3: Surface. Contributors: Gabriele Beveridge | Simon Critchley | Ian James | Ian Kiaer | Oscar Murillo | James Smith | Nicholas Smith | Katarina Weinstock


A journal created to interrogate the relationship between photography as a medium or as a tool via invited responses from artists, curators and researchers. The first volume consisted of three issues, ‘Class’, ‘Drift’ and ‘Surface’, the journal mix’s light and heavy observations on each subject. It is available from selected bookstores in London, Berlin, Frankfurt and Los Angeles and also directly from the Relief Press site.




2014 – 2017