It's A Done Deal

Still from 'It's A Done Deal'.

Still from 'It's A Done Deal'.

Installation at OUTPOST Gildengate studio. Norwich, England.


‘It’s a Done Deal’ examines how modernism has morphed into capitalism or maybe how socialist ideologies have been turned into private property through a rhythmic architecture of images and sounds. The footage builds through found and shot images ranging from Cilla Black singing her most popular hit ‘You Are My World’, Economist Milton Freedman, a local daredevil jumping from one council tower block to another in Liverpool during the late 80's, an Anish Kapoor sculpture and footage shot while the artist goes about his day job as a property inspector.

The work has wide reaching aspirations but there is the recurring motif that is the tower block and how its' demolition and repurposing stand as a metaphor for these major paradigmatic shifts we have been experiencing as a society. ‘It’s A Done Deal’ is expected to be completed early 2023.


In progress (2023 completion)


Single screen projection