Documentation from event at TACO Gallery
As the clock ticked past midnight on the 31st December 1999 Global catastrophe may have been averted, but did something worse come in its place? Y2K is an ongoing collaborative project by British artists Duncan Poulton & Nick Smith. Drawing on each of the artists’ respective archives, Y2K presents a screening of selected materials that includes home video recordings, news clips, TV Ads, self-help books, and early internet ephemera.
This material has been remixed and collaged by the artists to form a new audiovisual work that explores the artists’ shared interest in the ‘millennium’ as a significant cultural landmark and turning point - one that marked simultaneously the beginning, and the end, ‘of the future’. From the boom of the internet and the post-digital age, the expansion of neoliberalism and globalisation, the ‘millennium’ encapsulated the future present potential of Western modernity, but also its anxieties and failures. 
Date: 2023 (Ongoing)
Medium: Expansive collaborative archival work with Duncan Poulton.
Duration: v1 - 60mins
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