Nick Smith is an artist who explores the theme of class within the context of the built environment through video collages and photographic installations. He draws inspiration from his personal experiences growing up in Merseyside during 1982-2003, a period he believes has been overlooked in UK history. His archive of photographs, videos, and research materials, compiled from his work as both an artist and property inspector, serves as the primary source material for his work. Smith's goal is to create images that evoke a sense of connection between the past and present, focusing on moments of arrival and departure in public space, regional identity, memory, and recent history.
The idea that division is something that can bring us together is embedded within his practice. This creates a space for an alternative narrative to arise - allowing the viewer to circumnavigate black and white thought patterns pushed on us by social media and increased segregation. Finished works enable deep and impactful engagement with contemporary political and historical events in short, sharp doses across physical and digital displays.

Nov 22nd - Dec 8th 2023
Group exhibition 'Make Space' at Norman Rae Gallery, University of York.
Nov 10th - Dec 11th 2023
Open House, Studio Voltaire, Artists Film Showreel and open studio
Nov 2023
Solo exhibition at The Birley Studios & Project Space, Preston.
July 19th - Aug 20th 2023
Collective Conversations at Pheonix Art Space Brighton. Residency and programme of workshops with Duncan Poulton.
Aug 3rd - 18th 2023
GATHERINGS, group exhibition WCCD, SET Woolwich, London
July 22nd 2023
Radiator Screening of Y2K. Church of Scientology of London, 146 Queen Victoria St
May/June, 2023
Times V: SOLIDARITY. Publication with 87 Gallery.
May 19th, 2023
'051' shown at WCCD X HYPHA Studios Unknown Screens. 32 Saffron Hill, Farringdon, London.
May 11th - July 15th, 2023
'Y2K' showing in Duncan Poulton's show 'Imagine What We Can Do Tomorrow'
Friday 28th April, 2023
Showing '051' at Two Queens Two Screens. Two Queens Leicester, LE1 1QW.
23 April - 7 May, 2023
Arbeit Studios Launch. Arbeit, 310c Green Lanes, London, N13 5TT.
March 9th - April 30th, 2023
Daily screening of Y2K. a collaborative moving image with Duncan Poulton. TACO gallery, Cygnet SQ, London, SE2 9EF.
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