Installation at Gildengate studios, Norwich
One Thing Leads To Another
A series of wall based works – each made up of 32 sheets of A4 paper laser jet prints. The hallways depicted are connecting social housing to private housing within the same complex. Sometimes I am in the privately owned part of the building looking towards the social housing part of the corridor and sometimes I am looking towards the privately owned parts looking towards the social housing. There are subtle differences in the materials used in each, the thickness of the carpet, the veneer on the doors, the mood of the lighting. The grid is created from the restricted printing area of a Xerox laser printer. Each A4 sheet has its own unique colour, there are halo’s of noise and printer errors that make them all modulate differently creating abstractions and texture. There is a social static present within these spaces that I try to capture in each image.
Date: 2021
Medium: Laser jet prints on office paper
Scale: 168x119 cm
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