Installation at OUTPUT gallery, Liverpool. 2021
Within Years: Liverpool
A short collaborative film with nil00, which takes into consideration many moments in time throughout Liverpool’s history. The film draws parallels with the anti-lockdown protests in Liverpool, whereby minority groups in the working class, who for a long time have suffered under the government, take a disease or virus as a point of contention for their suspicion and paranoia, as if it newly proves the agenda behind their suffering. 
These things seem to happen in cycles and this investigates how some of the explosive issues that have impacted Liverpool spiral through history into the contemporary moment. The film was created in response to my exhibition at OUTPUT gallery being closed due to lockdown restrictions in Liverpool during November 2020.
Date: 2020
Medium: Single channel video. Visuals and editing by Nick Smith. Text and speech by nil00.
Duration: 8.58 mins
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